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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Holding on to the Joy ~ April

In this season of hard.  There are many blessings in the midst of the mess.
A kitty that plops on a lap top and snuggles.  Something about pets...they are just able to sense when we need that extra bit of affection.  Gifts from our Heavenly Father.  They are never too busy or consumed with life and this world.

Facebook posts that tickle the funny bone and speak to the craziness of this moment in life! 

Unexpected sites when turning a corner and heading home.  The joy this produced.  We literally turned around and took way too many pictures because it was just that awesome and cheerful and fun during an oh so difficult moment.  This bit of cheeriness wiped away heart wrenching and breaking tears.  

A gift from my youngest girl... reached down deep into my soul and heart.  When she told the story, I couldn't help but cry because the story made it all the more precious.  Simple joys that bring such love and joy that the darkness of the hard just gets chased away.

Sudden suprises from neighbor/friend.  Homemade fettucini noodles.  Soul food, comfort food.
Doesn't matter what you call it.  Food for the body, food for the soul.  More of God's goodness in the generosity of friends.

A moment.  A breather.  A break.  Insisted upon by friends.  Understanding.  I was over-doing.  They knew it.  A break, I needed it.  But I desperately wanted to do my part... But I have learned to stop. To pace myself.  To take the breaks.   Gratitude so overwhelming for the care and understanding extended by those in my life now. 

This joy: Oh my!  The giggles as I learned what was used for sizing and fitting.  Who knew tux shopping could be so entertaining!   

This young man's patience and sense of humor.  He was willing to let the teenage sister "play" instead of being bored!  

Unexpected suprises and blessings as a friend delivered these beauties!

A message about Bible study....  Then telling the teens what my plans are for a Friday night!!! 
We are reading a book called Stripped... and this week's lesson... "I'm Too Sexy For My Shirt."  There just might have been a whole lot of eye rolling.

Cooler spring temps and a whole bunch of rain.  Lettuce and peas are so very happy! 

A respite from life... some soup and a good read in the back yard, and a whole lot of quiet.

It is a little thing but it is a big thing in reaching monthly goals.  Just doesn't happen that often.  

Again it is the little things that can brighten a day.  A new app.  A delightful perk!

These little pretties cheerfully saying hello in the front garden. 

In my email on just the day we are needing to get haircuts!  Oh what joy over this blessing! 

Yum!  I love Friday freebies.  So do my kiddos.  These were yummy and made for even bigger smiles. 

April.  Full of much.  But these memories of God's provision.  God's Grace.  God's extension of love and hugs through others.  These are the memories I want to hold onto and treasure. 

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